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Kind World, I would like to cordially welcome you all to my blog, tracking my Circumnavigator’s trip during the coming summer 2019. As you can read in the “About” section in the corner of the lovely cover photo of the Australian Baha’i Choral Festival, I have been afforded a once-in-a-lifetime experience… to travel around the… Read more »

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You don’t begin to realize the depth of how many preconceived notions you have until you begin to question what someone’s voice is going to sound like. Back in the States, I already know most of the dialects and potential accents of my country. I know the twang of a Spanish speaker as intimately as… 8LB Spool New Stren Monofilament LB Test Clear Fishing Line (12,000 Yards)

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So I’m, what, 18 days into my life here in Paris? The illustrious Shirin Vossoughi (prof at NU) once told me that part of the reason why she thinks that babies sleep so much is because they’re learning everything for the first time. I’m hoping that she’s right and that it will explain why I… SeaLife Reefmaster RC SL201 35mm Film Camera With Case & Care Kit

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I’m going to call this the 24 hour anniversary of my arrival in Paris. I landed yesterday at 5 in the morning. After waiting in line to go through customs, grabbing my luggage and getting in an Uber, the first thing I really noticed about Paris was that even at 7 in the morning, the… Northwave Legend Snowboarding Boots, Fast, Free Ship

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New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi Trainers 7 (40.5 EU) Women's nojqvl4465-Women

Disclaimer: ‘Twas supposed to post this exactly week ago, but I didn’t. Oh well. Happy reading. Just trying to keep things interesting here. Exactly two months in, folks! It’s day three in the Philippines—and I’m in love. I’ve stuck with the mindset of “no expectations” throughout this trip. It’s prevented me losing morale when things… 170 cm Rossignol Dueltec Downhill Skis With Solomon Bindings


Lankey, my host program, gave me the opportunity to do a week-long internship where I teach students about the SAT. I decided to take it. While I’m here in Morocco practicing and studying French, I wanted to give back to the community I’m a part of. Plus, while I’m here I can speak French as… LARGE WONDER WOMAN HORSE SLEAZY COSTUME L

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Many contemporary theologians consider Mother Mary to the first Christian, as “if she never believed it, she never would have conceived it.” Today we will explore the word “conception” and the ways in which Mary interacts with different types of conceptions, from the physical to the mental. Although there was no linguistic connection between types… YGK GALIS ULTRA CASTMAN FULL DRAG WX8 GP-D 200m 55lb

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New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi Trainers 7 (40.5 EU) Women's nojqvl4465-Women

Greetings everyone! No, I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. I’m ashamed to say that it’s been nearly a month since my last blog post. I could make up an exciting excuse for my absence—like that I got in a motorbike accident in Nairobi, contracted malaria in Kakamega, or nearly blew up my… Flow Lotus Boa coiler Women 6.5 sz size snowboarding snowboard boots

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… as is the rose that bare Jesu. Hold the phone, am I genuinely singing this song about Mary’s virtuous vagina on the steps of Alice Millar Chapel in front of a crowd of pious congregants? It is these moments, when you listen to the words or look up at the broken, bony body of… Read more »

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If Adam and Eve have taught us anything, it’s that there exists an undeniable importance in the genesis. Genesis: the beginning, the coming into, the initial velocity, the big bang that set every particle in motion toward their exact position of this moment. To understand our suffering – the New Testament tells us – we… Read more »